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The main goal of the laboratory is to create a universal artificial intelligence and ecosystem of interrelated thinking personalized agents intended to be applied in different areas of human activity.

The Mind Simulation Laboratory is engaged in phased long-term fundamental scientific research and developments in the field of artificial intelligence, such as:

Research is interdisciplinary in nature and are based on the principles of computer science, linguistics, psychology and philosophy. As a visual demonstration of the intellectual core, the Mind Simulation laboratory creates an intelligent assistant with a virtual personality, modeled, among other things, with the help of psychologists and using the basis of universal philosophical approaches, which makes it possible to bring the AI to a qualitatively new level, unattainable before.

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Leonid Derikyants

Chief Executive Officer

AI is not just artificial. It is a strong hybrid of philosophy, psychology and technology

Vasily Mazin

Chief Research Officer

We have 36 stages of development up to AGI

Sergey Pankratov

Chief Analytics Officer

What is AI? AI is an artifical intelligence. Fantasy is endless

Vitaly Gudza

Chief Technical Officer

The machine, which has the AI is able to explain the logic of his thought and actions


Python developer


Python developer


Knowledge expert


Python developer

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