Mind Simulation

General AI laboratory with a focus to create
an Universal Artificial Intelligence


The mission of our laboratory is to create a universal artificial intelligence and to maximize the use of its capabilities in all spheres of human life. In development, the Mind Simulation laboratory uses a hybrid technology that includes both many known approaches to building AI and our own unique research methods. Even today, the laboratory team has solved many problems and challenges, over which experts in the field of artificial intelligence have worked for decades.

The model showed its validity in practice, so now we focus on long-term research and work that will lead us to a universal artificial intelligence. In the short term, as a personification of the capabilities of our technology, we will introduce the Personal Assistant, who will develop his intellectual abilities and approach the universal artificial intelligence.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

Safety AGI

Many experts and organizations are concerned that, believing that the universal (general) artificial intelligence (AGI) can be a threat to the human society, they operate on the notion of AGI security, not fully understanding what it is. Mind Simulation scientists believe - artificial intelligence does not need to become dangerous to humanity. The way AGI will be depends on its creators. AGI should be designed and actually brought up from the very childhood, that is, from a conditional moment of creation, like a child to whom parents instill good qualities. For example, when you trying to create artificial intelligence by just training a neural network on millions of people's dialogues with all their permissible negative colors and meanings, you will get a garbage that is incapable to think and also repeats human errors. We do not use this way, nor those similar to it, previously already open, because they are not necessary to us and reasonably will not bring any positive results. The development is based on other technologies capable of creating a truly friendly universal artificial intelligence.

Our projects

Based on unique hybrid technology



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