Mind Simulation at RetailTECH 2023

This year our team became a technology partner and a participant of the annual forum Retail TECH 2023.

For those who love to listen

Retail Tech is one of the largest discussion platforms and business forum for industry communication of retailers and FMCG companies.

Topics discussed at this year's forum were:

  1. the modern store and the store of the future;
  2. HR processes;
  3. digital marketing and customer experience;
  4. analytics and Big Data;
  5. supply chain planning and optimization;
  6. FoodTECH;
  7. IT Management;
  8. logistics;
  9. exhibition of technological solutions, trade equipment, innovations and services for retail;
  10. introduction of AI technologies.

The Retail TECH 2023 forum drew 5,561 unique visitors, more than 450 speakers, and over 120 partners over the three days of the business program.

The introduction of artificial intelligence technology is rapidly changing the trading industry. Here is just a small list of possible applications of the technology:

  • next-generation AI-based assistants and chatbots;
  • smart shelves;
  • artificial intelligence in a loyalty program;
  • smart display panels in the halls;
  • voice services: voice recognition, first line of support, speech synthesis;
  • virtual stores with live NPCs, virtual dressing rooms;
  • warehouse management systems and demand forecasting;
  • analysis of emotions, moods, behavioral reactions.

At the forum, our team presented a report on "Technological Trends and Types of AI Today and Tomorrow," and our CEO Mind Simulation moderated a section devoted to Artificial Intelligence. We also had one of the innovative booths.

The Mind Simulation booth at Retail Tech 2023 presented the world's first prototype of a virtual store in a meta-universe, as a new view of omnichannel communications and the o2o concept in retail of the future, where each company will have its own Artificial Intelligence, which will help both internally and freely integrate into virtual worlds: meta-universes and video games.

Also with the help of SteosVoice speech synthesis technologies based on AI, the forum coverage program was voiced.

The project is also unique in that the voice was completely invented by Artificial Intelligence, that is, it was not "taken" from a person.

This generated a lot of interest among forum visitors, as it gave them the opportunity to see the real benefits of AI technology and interaction with it.

Speech synthesis technology now offers virtually limitless possibilities. From simple announcements to complex phrases and conversations, this technology can be used to create unique and memorable event experiences.