W  E  S  T  R  I  X W  E  S  T  R  I  X

One City Block RPG with focus on non-combat AI, alive characters with own stories, virtual and real businesses with every inch of life simulated

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World first One City Block RPG

Westrix is a one city block RPG where you are a citizen in a block of a fully living city.

Each character, vehicle, robot, weapon, organization is "alive" and has digital personalities based on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology.

Imagine for a second that you turn on the game with a rich and truly living world. What are you going to do? Where will you go? Maybe a bar or explore the area? Or are you trying to get to know someone? The choice is yours.

The philosophy of Westrix lies in its name. The game combines the concepts of the WestWorld series, where the Park is a "game" with an open world, quests (plots), live NPCs in the form of machines, and Matrix, as a living virtual world where the minds of people and programs coexist.

Westrix is the world's first one city block RPG game, betting on deep world development, revolutionary NPC mind technology, and showcasing new AI technologies for the video game industry.

Feature List


Everybody is "Free Guy" here. All NPCs are sentient thanks to CyberMind's advanced AI. Just like in your favorite films: "Free Guy", "TRON", "Matrix".


Unreal immersion thanks to speech synthesis and speech recognition. Just speak: NPCs hear you, understand you, and dub their responses in unique voices.


Self-learning living world. The mind of the NPC does not stand still and develops as it communicates with you. Real "Free Life" on your PC.


Without scripts. Each event, action, response, question is formulated by the NPCs themselves. There are no pre-recorded dialogues or audio tracks.


Hundreds of digital brains live on your PC offline.

Based on revolutionary AI


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