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Mind Simulation
Sergey Vorzhev

AGI•NFT•ART is a collaboration between Mind Simulation AGI laboratory and Russian artist Sergey Vorzhev, called "Russian Salvador Dali"

Sergey Dmitrievich Vorzhev was born on 21 February, 1950 in Krasnodar Region. Since 1977 - participant of more than 50 exhibitions of all levels. Cavalier of the Order of Peter the Great, I degree.

He perfectly possesses one of the rarest techniques of painting with fingers and rags originating from Titian himself. Artworks are in many museums around the world and in private collections in Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey, France, Russia and other countries.

This collaboration is to bring the art of the old school to the digital space of the new time, NFT art, complementing it with the unique and cutting-edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence by Mind SImulation.

All artworks will be voiced by the digital voice of an artist created by CyberVoice which, in English and Russian (Sergey Vorzhev does not speak English), will tell about the ideas, thoughts and experiences that inspired artist for their creation.

Some rare artworks will be revived in the form of digital personalities, using Artificial Intelligence by Mind Simulation, which will be able to independently tell about themselves, communicate with the owner and converse with visitors in a digital gallery that will be built as part of the creation of a city of living NPCs based on CyberMind, CyberVoice and Unreal Engine.


Voice examples

Sergey Vorzhev`s voice is created by CyberVoice: cutting-edge software, which is able to parody any voice with studio quality sound.

Original voice (russian)

This is samples of original speech recorded by artist.

Synthesized voice (Russian)

This is samples of synthesized speech created with CyberVoice by Mind Simulation.

Synthesized voice (English)

This is samples of synthesized speech created with CyberVoice by Mind Simulation.


Next Drops

Mind Simulation and Sergey Vorzhev have planned many interesting NFT artworks at the intersection of art and AI technology.

Voiced by • AI
ALIVE by ••• AI

Artificial Intelligence will transform old-school art by voicing artwork with the voice of an artist and even creating digital personalities for some artworks.

Epic artworks

Mind Simulation and Sergey Vorzhev create a series of artworks inspired by technology, classical and modern art, their interweaving in the multiverse of creativity.

Russian Miners Flying to Exchange

Artificial General Intelligence
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