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Intelligent core

Intelligent core is a complicated software system, including various methods of storing and processing knowledge. It is a hybrid model consisting of many layers of knowledge at a different level of representation and abstraction. They can be confgured in such a way that on the basis of the core it is possible to assemble intelligent systems for various purposes: from intelligent assistants to control systems in robotics. Continuous developmentand improvement of the core will allow it to be used in any sphere of humanactivity.

The concept of hybrid models in artifcial intelligence

There are many approaches and methods in artifcial intelligence. These are formal grammars, genetic algorithms, semantic networks, neural networks, frames, fuzzy algorithms, and others. Each of the existing approaches solves a certain range of problems, has its advantages and disadvantages, limiting its application. But any real task, such as driving a car, natural dialogue, enterprise management in a broad sense, training, translation and others are AI-complete tasks. The AI-complete task is a task that can be solved by an Artifcial General Intelligence (AGI) that has a level of intelligence no lower than the human and able to make decisions under uncertainty, plan, train and combine all these properties to achieve common goals. To solve complex problems, two or more approaches are used together.

Let's call a Weak Hybrid a model that includes several basic approaches, interconnected by some interface. An example of such a model can be the determination of the basic parameters of a neural network using genetic algorithms.

A Strong Hybrid will be called a model in which the technologies are so strongly embedded in each other that in fact there is a new technology, ideally taking the strengths of each of the models. An example is fuzzy neural networks that combine a fuzzy logic apparatus and neural networks.

Core layers

Abstract layer
Factual layer
Logical layer
Multilayer memory
and more other layers

The core is a collection of components, which we call layers. Each layer combines knowledge and methods of processing them at some level of abstraction. The layer can be created within the framework of some known model, but can also be a strong hybrid. The development of some strong hybrids for ten years has become the basis for the creation of a Universal Intellectual Core.

Layers are organized in a hierarchical structure in such a way that for different specific products it is not necessary to use all of them - just select the necessary ones. Between each other, the layers are linked by the principle of a weak hybrid. The interface between the layers is another key core technology. In addition, the layers can be of two types: physical and logical. The physical layer represents a specifc technology, the logical layer is a specifc set of knowledge.

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