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World first Artificial Intelligence who cognizes the world like a human

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Whats new?

The world picture of Steve expanded to the following topics:

  • chemical elements;
  • general knowledge of the sciences: physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, regional studies, and others;
  • types of medicine;
  • cuisines of the world and dishes;
  • various properties: tastes, color, attractiveness, character and others;
  • types of dance;
  • household appliances;
  • toys;
  • astronomical objects;
  • types of media;
  • other.

Now Steve realizes that these objects and concepts exist in our world and understand what they are.

The wider the picture of the world, then AI is closer to the General state.

What does it give?

The wider the picture of the world of AI, the greater its capabilities. Lets consider a couple of examples.


Possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of a broad profile, AI can be used for educational purposes, for example, as a teacher, guide, and so on.

Services inside an AI

This knowledge will allow the development of services within Artificial Intelligence: for example, ordering missing products based on your menu for a week and the contents of the freezer.


  • 01.04.2019 • New intellectual abilities: Remember and Forget.

    Remember allows you to teach Steve any particular facts that will be available only to you. The basic knowledge of Steve will not change or modify. Due to this, you can make your dialogue with Steve more personal and individual.
    Remember date fruits are grow in Italy

    Forget allows you to clear the knowledge of Steve from unnecessary information. For example, if you think that some information that you taught him is outdated, then just tell him to forget it and that’s all (this amount of knowledge will be deleted).

  • 25.03.2019 • Dialogue layer

    The dialogue layer is activated, now Steve can take the initiative in the dialogue. Dialog development scenarios can be the following:

    • Steve can ask you a question if he has enough knowledge about the subject of the dialogue (Do not forget that he is about 5 years old and he is still learning);
    • Steve can express his own opinion about something, if there is one;
    • Steve can independently say some interesting fact about the subject of the dialogue, if he knows something about it;
    • He can also ask clarifying questions.
      For example: I was bitten by an insect. What insect has bitten you?
  • 20.03.2019 • Steve knows his interlocutor

    Now Steve is able to distinguish users. That is, he knows with whom he speaks and remembers his interlocutor.

Field of knowledge

Age: 324 days

Human age: 5 years

Entities: 8100

Connections: 10300

Facts: 2860

Intellectual abilities


Define the object

Steve will give a definition to any object about which he has knowledge.

  • Что такое Амстердам?
  • Кто такой волк?
  • What is apple?
  • What is fermented milk product?

Selection by description

Steve will identify and name objects that fit the description or specific property of an object.

  • Какая максимальная глубина Атлантического океана?
  • Какие есть сладкие, оранжевые фрукты?
  • What red fruits exist?
  • What white flowers exist?

Learn the composition of the object

Steve will name the parts, ingredients, material of which the object is made.

  • Из каких частей состоит велосипед?
  • Из чего сделано тесто?
  • What is the dough made of?
  • What parts does a bicycle consist of?

What is common to the object

Steve will determine what is common to two or more objects.

  • Что общего у лимона и банана?
  • Чем схожи стакан, кастрюля и тарелка?
  • What is common apple and cherry?
  • What is similar between a bike and a car?

Number of parts, objects

Steve will tell you about the number of parts, objects, or the numerical value of a property.

  • Сколько морей на Земле?
  • Сколько морей ты знаешь?
  • How many people live in Russia?
  • How many wings does a bird have?

Place of action

Steve will determine the location of the object or place of action.

  • Где находится Россия?
  • Где находится двигатель?
  • Where is Amazon?
  • Where is Amsterdam?

Time of action

Steve tells about the time of the action.

  • Когда родился Пушкин?
  • Когда извергалась Этна?
  • When Vesuvius erupted?
  • When did Pushkin die??

Place of action start

Steve will determine where any action is coming from.

  • Откуда течет Обь?
  • From where Ob flows?

Place of direction of action

Steve will explain where the action is directed.

  • Куда впадает Обь?
  • Куда впадает Днепр?
  • Where does Amazon flows?
  • Where does Ob flows?

Possibility of action

Steve will tell you what the object does or what to do with the object.

  • Что делает доктор?
  • Что делают с автомобилем?
  • What can people do?
  • What to do with milk?

Truth check

Steve will answer is the statement correct or false.

  • Птицы летают?
  • Страус летает?
  • Does the doctor treat?
  • Krasnodar is a city?


Steve will tell all the facts that he knows about a particular object.

  • Расскажи про Россию
  • Что ты знаешь про Байкал
  • Tell about Pushkin
  • Tell about Russia

What to do, if?

Steve will tell you what to do in certain situations.

  • Что делать если укусил клещ?
  • Что делать если хочешь заработать?
  • Что делать если родился ребенок?
  • What to do if baby was born?


Steve will answer questions with specific clarification.

  • В какой горной системе находится К6?
  • В каком географическим регионе находится Испания?
  • In which country Amsterdam located?
  • In which geographic region Germany located?

Dialogue: Erudition

Steve will share with you some fact about the subject of the dialogue, if he has that knowledge.

  • Италия - это красивая страна
  • 146 880 432 people live in Russia

Dialogue: Own opinion

Steve will give his own opinion on the subject of the dialogue, if he has one.

  • Я люблю футбол
  • Я плавал в Байкале
  • I like play football
  • I do not like seafood

Dialogue: A personal question

Steve will ask you a specific question about the subject of the dialogue, if he has a special relationship with him.

  • Ты играешь на гитаре?
  • Тебе нравится восточная кухня?
  • Do you play guitar?
  • Do you like basketball?

User Consent and Disagreement

Steve will remember your answer to his question and at the same time will be able to answer questions on this knowledge.

  • Ты играешь в футбол?
    Я запомнил
  • Do you play guitar?
    I remembered

Tool of action

Steve will talk about the tool of performing a particular action.

  • Чем едят суп?
  • Чем гладят одежду?


The memory model develops and gradually penetrates deeper into intellectual abilities.

  • Что такое Байкал? какая у него площадь? где он находится? а Мичиган?
    Байкал - это озеро. 31 722 км². Россия. Канада, США.
  • Сколько колес у велосипеда? а у машины? а двигателей?
    2 колеса. 4 колеса. 1 двигателей.
  • What is Baikal? Where is it located?
    Baikal is a lake. Russia.
  • What is a car? How many wheels does it have?
    Car is a transport. 4 wheels.

Memorizing some fact

Steve will remember what you teach him and will immediately be able to use this knowledge (Personal knowledge does not apply to other users).

  • Запомни финики растут в Италии
  • Remember apple grows in Spain

Forgetting some fact

If any of the facts you have trained are outdated, then Steve can forget it at your request.

  • Забудь финики растут в Италии
  • Forget apple grows in Spain

Reason for some action

Steve will tell you why a certain action takes place, what is the cause of its occurrence.

  • Почему укус клеща опасен?
  • Why dangerous bite of mite?

Purpose of some action

Steve will explain what the purpose of a particular action is, why to do something.

  • Зачем обрабатывать рану антисептиком?
  • Why treat the wound with antiseptic?

How to do something

Steve will tell you exactly how to perform a particular action.

  • Как удалить клеща?
  • How to remove a mite?

What can be done

Steve will tell you what can be done from a particular material, ingredient, and so on.

  • Что делают из муки?
  • что делают из стекла?
  • What to do from dough?
  • What to do from glass?


Steve will find the differences between two or more objects.

  • Чем отличаются апельсин и собака?
  • Чем отличаются апельсин и банан?
  • What is different between an apple and a dog?
  • What is different between an apple and a banana?