C  Y  B  E  R  M  I  N  D

CyberMind makes it possible to endow all game characters (NPC) with mind using Artificial Intelligence. That is, to create a digital personality that is able to behave like real person and communicate outside of the prepared replicas.

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They are smart

MSL is constantly improving and expanding the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. However, even now AI demonstrates a fantastic level of thinking and can answer many different questions, even on a small amount of knowledge.

AI thinking is completely transparent, which allows flexible customization of the personality of each specific NPC.


Living NPCs are aware of their world at a high level, understanding who they are, what world they live in and what exists in this world. One picture of game world in knowledge = infinite amount of NPCs.


The thinking of alive NPCs is completely independent of natural language, which allows them to communicate in several languages at the same time, and developers save time and resources.


Alive NPCs are capable of self-learning, learning new information from any interlocutor, like a person or another character. New knowledge organically fits into the world picture of each NPC.

Live Memory

Alive NPCs remember the context of the dialogue and can make complex logical judgments based on what they remember and without getting confused in many difficult situations.

Dynamic & Responsive

Alive NPCs are not extras and react to the world, its changes, new information, rumors, events and much more.
It makes the world truly alive.

Complex Dialogues

Alive NPCs can maintain a complex conversation with player and other NPCs, skillfully using all intellectual abilities, as well as memory, logic, knowledge and common sense.

Download PDF with demonstration of amount of questions for small amount of knowledge


Alive NPCs are individual

Every alive NPCs may have their own individuality, which can occur, for example, in character, outlook, credulity. It is also possible to customize the manner of speech, associative thinking, change the voice and many other parameters.

Filthy Language

This robot works on extremely environment for human.

This f*****g robot works on s**t environment for human.

This s**t works on t**d environment for human.

This f*****g s**t works on s**t environment for leather b******s.

Speech Variation

The Sun is a star. Diameter of the Sun is 1.39 million kilometers.

The Sun is a star and its diameter is 1.39 million kilometers.

The Sun is the only star in the solar system. Its diameter is 1.39 million kilometers.

The Sun is the only star in the solar system and its diameter is very f*****g big: 1.39 million kilometers.


A tokamak is a device in the shape of a donut.

A tokamak is a device which uses a powerful magnetic field to confine a hot plasma in the shape of a torus.

A tokamak is a toroidal chamber with axial magnetic field which uses a powerful magnetic field to confine a hot plasma in the shape of a torus.


Valve Software is a video game developer.

Valve Corporation, also known as Valve Software, is an American video game developer. It is the developer of the software distribution platform Steam and the Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Portal, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Dota series.

Leave me alone.

and many other personality customization scales


Cybermind's speech synthesis technology allows you to parody, copy and create various voices that make living NPCs even more individual.

Gabe Follower

Russian language

Demonstration of SteosVoice speech synthesis with the voice of Gabe Follower, who datamines Valve games and monitors events around Valve Corporation.

Monster Killer

English language

This is a demonstraton of SteosVoice speech synthesis with voice of some monster killer from some game where you need to kill monsters with two swords.

Free speaker

English language

Demonstration of SteosVoice speech synthesis with the voice of an unknown speaker from free sources. This voice is based on VCTK dataset with Creative Commons license.

All voices are parodied by AI. The demo is for demonstration purposes only and is not intended to offend anyone.


Alive NPCs are
lightweight and require low resources.

The thinking core of Artificial Intelligence and all its knowledge at the moment occupy no more than 7 megabytes. The separation of knowledge and core allows you not to duplicate its code for each character, which reduces the space requirements.

This makes it possible to place the "brains" of all NPC offline games directly on the player's device without significantly increasing the size of the game and the computational costs of its operation.

Below are approximate figures of how modern and not so hardware can cope with this. At the moment, Mind Simulation is working on expanding the intellectual capabilities of AI, subsequent optimization will make these numbers even more impressive.


Redundant test* for the number of copies of AI that communicate simultaneously and without stopping, provided that the device can be used.

~ 10 000

ASUS GL752 is a budget gaming laptop (2015).
Specifications: Intel® Core™ i7 6700HQ • 8Gb RAM • GTX 960m 2GB.

~ 15

Raspberry Pi 3 is a third-generation single-board computer.
Quad Core 1.2GHz CPU • 1GB RAM

~ 8 000

Playstation 4 is a prev-gen video game console.
Specifications: AMD APU 1,6 Ghz (8 cores) • GDDR5: 8GB + DDR3: 256 MB


~ 100 000

Enterprise class server for online games.
Specifications: CPU Intel Xeon E3-1270 V6
4/8RAM 64GbSSD

*The test is redundant, as there will be no such loads in a real game.

Hardware requirements

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Let`s summarize

Breakthrough AI brain

AGI technology makes it possible to endow all virtual characters with the ability to think. Now you can not only click on the lines, but also ask your questions, as well as build relationships with the NPCs.

Different ways of use

The revitalization of the NPC will not only make the games more elaborate and interesting, but also allow you to go beyond the border of entertainment, by, for example, recreating the digital worlds of different historical eras for educational purposes.

Cool voices and personalities

Living NPCs have extensive customization options for their personality. You can choose a voice, change character traits, interests, amount of knowledge and many other parameters.

Low hardware requirements

CyberMind technology is not demanding on hardware and can work offline on the player's device: PC, laptop, console, even Raspberry Pi. In this case, the system requirements for the game will not change.
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