Approaching the supermind. Strong Artificial Intelligence

Recently, a book with our co-authorship appeared in the open access, on which we worked for a long time together with our scientific colleagues.

This is the first cross-disciplinary AI guide in Russian. And we hope that by reading this book you will expand your knowledge of the creation, development and measurement of AI.

What is this book about

Artificial intelligence technologies are becoming ubiquitous - they have penetrated into our daily life and are unlikely to leave it. AI is no longer limited to digital reality, taking over our everyday life. Home robots, drones, smart homes and entire cities are starting to surround us, not to mention applications for smartphones and computers.

However, the application of AI technologies is still not as impressive as it could be. This is due to one fundamental factor: most of these systems can achieve optimal solutions only for narrow tasks (the so-called "narrow" AI). The area of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which is capable of solving a wide range of problems in a variety of contexts, is called upon to make a qualitative transition.

This book, based on research by the best Russian AI specialists, focuses on the scientific approaches to the creation of AGI, as well as the areas and potential of its application. The authors were the first to generalize and systematize the accumulated knowledge in the field of general AI - from computer science and machine learning to neurosciences and psychology. This is the most complete and in-depth overview of approaches to creating AGI in Russian. It will help specialists from different fields of AI to combine their knowledge and develop a unified strategy for creating general artificial intelligence.

The development of AGI instead of existing narrow methods, or even together with them, can create a new round of technological progress, transform technology, science and society. Shared AI is able to help humanity cope with the most difficult challenges: finding cures for deadly diseases, preventing disasters, building a more just society.

The book is written in popular science language, which makes valuable knowledge available to a wide audience.

You will learn:

  • What opportunities does the development of General AI open up as opposed to "narrow" AI;
  • How to understand which AI was created, and what methods of its assessment exist;
  • Possible scenarios for the implementation and application of General AI.

For whom:

For specialists from all fields of AI and those who want to understand what approaches can be used to create general AI and what applied forms it will take.