Mind Simulation at AI Journey 2022

On November 24, 2022, Chief Research Officer of Mind Simulation Vasily Mazin made a presentation at the AI Journey 2022 international conference on the topic "Limits to the development of Strong Artificial Intelligence".

The report examines the fundamental limitations on the possibility of creating strong AI and its development. Such limitations include: the consistency of the operation of individual subsystems of a complex system, physical limitations, the completeness and accuracy of building models, the complexity of conducting experiments, resource limitations, and general problems of intelligence.

For each limitation, quantitative and qualitative assessments are given, their influence on the capabilities of strong AI is considered. Possible scenarios for the behavior of strong AI under the presented constraints are given. The use of virtual worlds in the tasks of creating AI is discussed.

This year, the agenda of the event paid special attention to the development of science and the interaction of the scientific community. The conference brought together leading researchers, scientists and experts to discuss advanced solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and the possibilities of their application.

The conference received more than 55 million views of live broadcasts from 193 countries. Over two days, more than 150 speakers from 50 scientific and business organizations spoke at the conference. More than 1,500 participants took part in the conference competition, offering almost 6,000 solutions. Such interest of the target audience demonstrates the importance of the development of artificial intelligence technologies.

We are confident that such events give a strong impetus to the development of new technologies and projects. We were happy to be a part of this event.

The recording of the report will be published later on the blog and our YouTube.