Core Expert

Prototype of Universal
Artificial Intelligence


Intelligent core - is a complicated software system (prototype universal artificial intelligence), which include various methods of storing and processing knowledge. The core is a hybrid model, consisting of many layers of knowledge at a different level of representation and abstraction.

The layers can be arranged and configured in any way which makes it possible to form a core-based intelligent systems for various purposes. From control systems of robotic constructions or gadgets to personal assistants of a broad profile.

Core layers

Abstract - ideal

Abstract knowledge about the world - its structure and basic relationships


Knowledge of the world in all the diversity of facts


Knowledge about how to work with knowledge


The personality model for an intelligent assistant


Knowledge of the dialogue, its strategies and elements


Knowledge of images and their recognition


Knowledge of sounds and speech model


Multi-level memory model

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Checking simple statements

Give a definition to an object

Selection of objects by description

Defining object property values

Determination of the object composition

Determination of number of elements in the object

Determination of the object material

Determination of the ingredients of the object

Identifying similarities among objects

Determination what an object can do

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  • 1. Creating the basic mechanisms

    Creation of basic mechanisms and structures of the model. Creating an Intelligent Dictionary. Expert interface for interaction with the core. Custom interactive interface. The first demonstration knowledge. The first intelligent agents.

  • 2. Abstract - ideal model

    Completion of the development of an abstract-ideal layer of modeling the world. Extension of the knowledge base. Adding multilanguage work. Expand the capabilities of intelligent agents.

  • 3. Model of knowledge

    The first options for automatic collection and input of knowledge showed a low quality. So we developed our own general map of knowledge. Partly automated work of the expert. Creation of the basis of the personal layer.

  • 4. Open access and first memory layer

    Creating an interface for an impersonal dialogue with the user. Further input of knowledge. Refactoring and optimization. Expanding possibilities of intelligent agents.

  • 5. Factual layer

    Adding a spatial and temporal characteristics of knowledge. Forming a meta-knowledge layer. Creating an intelligent agents to work with factual knowledge.

  • 6. Memory layers

    The core works with memory of various kinds. At this stage, we will create two layers of memory and improve first layer. The mechanism of interaction of intellectual agents with memory.

the scheme of first 6 stages or contact us
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