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1. General information

This policy describes how to use the website (hereinafter – the “Web Site”) and the cookie files and other similar technologies, such as local general objects (Flash-cookie), web beacons etc. The general name “cookie” is applied to their designation. If you visit the website by means of the web browser which accepts the cookies files, it is regarded by us as an expression of consent that we can use the cookie files.

Using the website, you accept using rules of cookies according to this document. In particular, you accept the rule of use of analytical, advertising and functional cookies for the purposes which are provided below.

If you don’t accept the using rules of the cookie files, please, pay attention to the information in the section “Control and Removal of the Cookie Files”, for obtaining further instruction.

2. Concept of the cookie files

Cookie - a small text file (data), which the server of the sites you've visited records in your web browser. This file contains information about the login and password, the individual settings and user preferences, visitor statistics, etc. Each time you log on to the appropriate site, your browser sends the site cookies available file server to identify you as a user.

An important parameter is the cookie duration. By default, the cookie is stored only during of one work session on the Internet and are deleted when you close your web browser. The Cookie containing an expiration date become permanent and removed a web browser only on expiry or by user request.

Cookie allow us to make use of the Internet more convenient and comfortable. So, thanks to the files cookies, you can log on the website of MyChallenge, you can then log in to your account without entering each time a login and password. Through the use of files cookies, you get the ability to save custom settings on our website.

For more information about cookies, including the information about what cookies were installed on your device, and how to operate and delete them, can be found at

3. Types of the cookies

4. Order of use of the cookie files

The cookies files are used, among others, for the following purposes:

5. Types of cookies

The types of the cookies files which are used on the website can be divided into four categories:

6. Control and removal of the cookie files

You have the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies. Pay attention that if you decide not to accept the cookies, you won't be able to use all functionality of the website, and any messages which you receive from us, can become less relevant for you. Please note that if you decide to operate the cookies, our instrument of cookies management will establish the cookie file on your device in order that your preferences will be taken into account. If you remove the cookies files from your device, you also remove this cookie file, and you should make your choice again.

You can block cookies by changing (depending on your browser) the settings of your browser so that the cookies from our site could not be installed on your computer or mobile device. To do it, follow the instructions of your browser (usually they are located in the sections "Help", "Tools" or "Edit"). Deactivation of the cookie collection or the cookie category doesn't delete this cookie file from your browser; you will need to delete the cookie file from the browser yourself.

7. Cookies installed in the past

If you deactivated one or more cookies, we can use information, which was collected before the deactivation function was installed. However we won't use cookies to collect the information in the future.

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