Let AI speak about your business

Communicate with customers, help your employees,
automate work, reduce costs.

What you can improve with Core Expert

Help your customers and reduce costs

Communicate with your customers in 24/7. Reduce the burden on operators and optimize the cost of the support center.

Improve work of your employees

Train and accompany new employees. Increase productivity with personal business assistant that will help employees of the company and etc.

Automate business processes

Delegate planning and management within the company to Artificial Intelligence. Find new ways of grow and optimize business processes.

How can AI work with your business? Let us show. Order a free demo!

How it works


On the example of
a bank.


On the example of
the dental clinic

  • For customers

    On the example of a bank.

  • For employees

    On the example of the dental clinic

By incorporating business solutions based on our AI into your products, your company will automatically get access to the ecosystem of the new generation of the future personal assistant Steve5

Ecosystem of new generation

Why do you need Artificial Intelligence?

The widespread introduction of AI by 2030 will give a rise in world GDP by 14%, that is, approximately $15.7 trillion, according to PwC. This is more than the current total industrial output of China and India.

According to the results of the Teradata study, the vast majority of large companies (80%) invest in artificial intelligence technologies, and according to Gartner forecasts, by 2020 they will be present in almost all new software products and services.

Artificial Intelligence can infinitely accumulate knowledge, self-study, qualitatively answer any questions, undertake many tasks in planning, analytics, management, and other areas. The real AI is a breakthrough that will change the business and our life in general.

Those companies that will use the benefits of AI technologies at the begining will be able to get additional profits and qualitatively surpass their competitors in future .

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