Sprint #12
AI studies geography more closely. New support programs.

We made all the planned changes to the core and added the Personality layer, now we are working on the scenario of Steve's personality.

Now Steve is studying knowledge in the field of geography and is acquainted with the main entities, such as continents, oceans, seas, countries, cities, islands, rivers, lakes, etc.

So, for example, Steve will be able to tell about how many people live in a certain country, to name its capital, where it is located, with which countries it borders, to show its flag and more.

A new interface is being developed, as new features require new ways of presenting.

We also optimize and improve support programs that will speed up learning and are preparing to connect new sources for the extraction of knowledge in addition to the main body of texts.

By the end of this year, we plan to fully complete the mechanisms of automatic learning of basic knowledge, which relate to a model of the world and the ability to navigate in a variety of entities.

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