Sprint #11
AI Conference, new vocabulary and other features.

A lot of things happened this week.

We spoke at the AI Cconference in Moscow with a report in the main program, and also presented a demo stand at which people could talk with the team and test the development in action. Photos from the conference will be available soon.

What is technically implemented:

  • We have completed the first stage of work with the dictionary. It covers 90% of the body of texts in 7 billion words. Now we can use it in the extraction of knowledge and gradually improve. Next week we will begin to use the mechanism of automatic extraction of knowledge;
  • We continue to work on 5, 6 and 7 layers of memory. We are well advanced in this task;
  • We also introduced mechanisms for correcting user typos, automatic inducing new words and other modules. These and other new features will be available after the next update.

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