Sprint #2
New knowledge and extents.

The whole week the AI was talking to users. Thank you very much.

He expanded his knowledge about animals, learned that they are divided into several large groups, such as mammals, arthropods, amphibians and others. Added knowledge about the types of trees, bushes, grasses. He also added cities, which the interlocutors asked. And a lot of interesting knowledge.

New intellectual capabilities:

  • now he can answer not only to the question "What does someone do?", but also to the question "What to do with something?";
  • AI learned to generalize information, which allowed to introduce into the system the rudiments of induction and deduction. For example, if the AI knows that birds fly, then the question about any particular bird, for example "Is crow flying?" he will answer "Yes, it is". However, having learned interesting information about the fact that some birds do not fly, for example a penguin or an ostrich, the AI will be able to say that the penguin or ostrich does not fly.

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