Sprint #3
New mechanisms of a Factual layer.

Last week we completed the development of the mechanisms of the Factual layer.

The Factual layer will give the AI the opportunity in the future to operate with various facts in unlimited quantities, for example: who won Champions League in 2007, who founded Rome, in which year Columbus discovered America, and so on.

Almost everything is ready to be included in the core. We have also added all the necessary interfaces to the expert part for monitoring and monitoring the knowledge of the Factual layer. Experts have introduced the first knowledge to test the operation of algorithms.

Continuing education through dialogue with users. The amount of abstract knowledge increased by 5%. Most of them - is found answers to users' questions.

A new mechanism for extracting knowledge from a huge corpus of text is being developed. This will be the third option, which takes into account all previously discovered difficulties and problems. We look forward to the beginning of his work this month.

You can try all new features on our demo. Stay in touch!

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