Sprint #6
New abilities, two finished layers.

The development of the Factual layer has been completed and now two layers are fully functional: the Abstract-ideal and Factual. The interaction between them also fully implemented.

At this stage, we conducted large-scale testing of all basic core mechanisms. All components showed stable performance. Testing also revealed new opportunities for improving the architecture of the core, which will make it even more flexible and add new abilities. Within two weeks, major changes will be made to the core, so while we are doing this, new features will not appear in the demo version.

As a new ability, the question “when?” was added. You can see his work with examples: “When do the stars shine?”, “When did Etna erupt?”. There are still few facts with time in knowledge, so this question is not included in the instruction yet.

In parallel with the development of the core, we continue to deal with the knowledge extractor. Over the week, we improved his work and expanded the number of types of knowledge gained. Now we have to create a mechanism for the automatic transfer of knowledge from the extractor to the core. This will provide an opportunity to significantly increase the speed of learning.

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