Sprint #4
New extent, working Factual layer and talks with AI

Last week we launched the Factual layer. A new intellectual capability has also been implemented - where questions regarding the circumstances of a place.

This intellectual capability gives the AI the capability to answer questions in the future: where is the nearest gas station? Where is the empire state building? Where are the Pinot Noir grapes grown? Where to buy wine? and etc.

To test this intellectual capability in action, you can ask the system "where does the bear live?". This kind of knowledge is still very small, they will be replenished next week.

At the beginning of the week an interview was published about our developments. It was read by about 2 thousand people. Some of the readers went to the site and talked with Steve. We noticed a few interesting things:

  • The number of questions with typos reaches 50%;
  • Approximately 30% of interlocutors directly and rudely insulted Steve;
  • Almost no one reads the instructions :)

In any case, thank you for the dialogue. Thanks to them, the volume of knowledge for the week increased by 10%. See you next week.

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