Prosperous civilization

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin aerospace company, said that space tourism is necessary if humanity wants to continue living in a “prosperous civilization”. He proposed to move heavy industry into space.

People are killing the planet with their own hands, but humanity is unlikely to have to be evacuated from the dying Earth - rather, we could redirect the destructive energy into space, said Jeff Bezos in an interview with CBS.

“We, the people, must go into space if we want to live in a prosperous civilization. We have grown as a population, as a species, and the planet has become small to us, ” — he said. “This is noticeable due to climate change and environmental pollution due to heavy industry. We are in the process of destroying our planet.” — Bezos said.

We agree with the position of Jeff Bezos. This is a very good decision — to move the production of heavy industry and other industries into space. This step will significantly improve the ecological situation on our planet, but will also provide an additional increase in production.

The businessman said that the Earth - the best place for people. “We sent robotic probes to every planet in the solar system — that’s good.” Bezos said that humanity can save the Earth by “using the resources of the space”, and for this it is not necessary to move.

In particular, Bezos proposed to move into space the entire branch of heavy industry, which is dangerous for the ecology of the Earth. In his opinion, it is much cheaper and easier to produce, for example, microprocessors in space, and then deliver them to Earth. Thus, the planet will get rid of large and harmful plants and industries.

By sending research probes, we do not think about what AI can do for us invaluable and useful work in space for the preparation of our activities there.

1. AGI can and should manage fully automated and autonomous factories and ensure interaction between them. Build the whole process in which we have experience. And also to explore new objects, in the search for resources suitable for different levels of production. In general, do all that will help reduce the environmental burden on our planet.

2. There are space objects unfit for life, but rich in resources. AGI is able to organize the extraction and delivery of these useful resources by “space trolleys” to these industrial facilities.

3. AGI on other planets will be able to build from the first step an environmentally safe ecosystem that will not use nature as a landfill. Emission control and waste management will be carefully designed.

All these ideas seem futuristic, although they are not really among those on the far horizon. If we now begin to systematically build the necessary infrastructure, then in the foreseeable future we will be able to achieve the first results.

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