#4 Latest updates

Hello everybody! Much time has passed since the last publication. Today we will tell you what has changed and what we have achieved.

Website update

We have significantly reworked the design and concept of the laboratory site. Now it pays more attention to technology and its benefits.
The following sections appeared:

  • Technology

    Here we briefly describe our approach.

  • Advantages

    This section is devoted to the advantages that our Artificial Intelligence already possesses, as well as examples and explanation of why this is an important advantage.

  • Second cycle

    Now we can say that we have already completed the first development cycle, which included 9 stages. We had a certain shift in the timing, since the implementation of the last features of the first cycle has demanded the implementation of certain tasks of the second cycle.

    At the moment we are already starting to transfer the main power to the second development cycle. It consists of six stages:

    • Goals achievement layer;
    • Expanding the capabilities of the logical layer;
    • New layer - mathematics;
    • Recognition and synthesis of sound;
    • New layer - Topographic;
    • Deep understanding of texts.

Where is Steve now?
Where was the registration gone and how to communicate with him now.

Steve has moved to the lab site and will be here. He continues to evolve and explore new topics.

We are changing the concept of Steve5, now he can communicate with each guest, but he lives like the main character of the film “50 first dates”, which forgot the last day after sleep. Steve`s life is the same now: you can communicate with him, get acquainted, share information about yourself - he will remember all of this, but after each of our updates he will forget you and the whole acquaintance will start all over again.

We did it consciously, as it will be useful for Steve and us, as developers, at this stage. Each time your acquaintance with Steve will occur in different ways, it will give us more understanding about the psychology of communication.

This will continue until we are ready to announce the new concept of personal Artificial Intelligence Steve. It will be something radically new for the timeline of our world.

And now we will tell what has been done.

Layer of personality and interlocutor.

We have included the personal layer and the interlocutor layer. Now Steve began to have a model of himself. He stores the facts relating directly to his virtual personality there. Almost the same model is built for the user (the interlocutor). These layers are mirrored relative to each other and help AI better interact with users.

Dialogue layer

The implementation of the dialog layer is complete and is now in debug state. Steve can distinguish one interlocutor from another, and does not tell knowledge about one user to another. Steve learned to memorize and forget various facts about users, and the user himself can control this process.

Just say: “Remember I love football” and he will remember.

The opportunity to take the initiative in dialogue is appeared. He may ask about something, express his opinion on the current subject of the dialogue or tell some fact about the topic of the dialogue.

Language modules

At the moment, intensive work is being done on language modules. The sentences that are manipulated by Steve become more complex, which leads to a complication of language modules. The work on the 3rd version of the modules is now being completed, and work will immediately begin on the 4th version, which will allow building and sorting out quite complex sentences.


Knowledge continues to expand. New programs are added to automate the learning process. Manual, expert input of knowledge is no longer used.

Work is now underway on the outer layers of memory, allowing Steve to manipulate huge arrays of structured information, easily navigating through them.

A lot of work has been done and now it takes some time to refactoring, document, debug modules, test and create demonstration and presentation materials.

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