How AI remembers and operates with information

We talked about starting to tell in more detail about the intellectual abilities of our Artificial Intelligence.

Today we will start with the ability to memorize and forget information, as well as consider some others and show how our AI thinks.

All our life we remember various information: it is easy for someone, but not for others.

Our brain processes a huge amount of informational garbage and we cannot just order it to remember or forget something.

AI has the advantage. Its memory is flexible and can store a huge amount of information. Also, AI can instantly save or delete information from its memory.

So let's look at the example below. AI remembers the fact that we told him and immediately able to answer questions about it.

What is advantage?

Of course, separately, these intellectual abilities do not solve problems, although if you look at it from the other side, then if a personal assistant can immediately answer a specific question for you, then this will save a lot of time. Together, these opportunities form a dialogue. We do not notice this, but the dialogue is the ability of both parties to perform certain intellectual actions with information and knowledge.

How it works?

1) Artificial Intelligence analyzed the sentence and understood its meaning thanks to the knowledge that it already has. Now you can ask any questions.

2) Questions

Tell about seller? Yes
This is a dialog initiative by AI. It remembered the information and sometimes can to propose to you to tell about something that you ask.

Where seller sells a car? London
Here is a graph which show how AI got an answer:

This proves the ability of AI to understand the world around it, to understand the texts and to operate with the knowledge gained. One more step on the way to AGI is passed.

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